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Business 2 Live is dedicated to helping small to medium business owners analyse and understand their business in depth, to learn and grow their ability to make effective business decisions based on solid data and to grow their businesses beyond anything they may have ever expected.  All while “getting their life back” and increasing their profits.

Business to Live offers a number of Programs to improve the Businesses and Lifestyles of small business owners.

These include, but are not limited to: 

  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” Report
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” eBook
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” e lesson series
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” full workbook system package
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” Gold Members mentoring package
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” 4 day workshop – fast track your business success
  • The ” 5 Key Points to Get Good Staff and Keep Them” Report
  • The “8 Things NOT to Do if You Want Your Staff to Stay” Report
  • The “Profits Through People” program – How to get good staff and keep them – in depth.
  • The “Profits Through People” e lesson series
  • The “Profits Through People” 3 day workshop – change how you deal with staff forever
  • The Business 2 Live Platinum Program – includes ALL of our products, and many great bonuses as well! – available for 6 months, or a year – change your life, change your business, achieve your dreams!

Not all Programs are available at all times – contact us to enquire further.