Are you a small business owner?


…does your small business own you?


  • If you don’t have the luxury of determining the hours you ‘want’ to work…
  • If your income or cashflow stops without your direct involvement…
  • If you lie awake at night with the fear of failure…of letting your family, your employees, and all those who depend on you down…

Then you need to know,


 In a recent article on, small business writer Valerie Khoo wrote

 “Some people go into business because they want the flexibility of being their own boss. They are attracted by the flexibility of calling their own hours and designing the business around their life. I believe that a small business can absolutely do that. But you need to be very careful that you have the right business model so that you don’t end up in a self-imposed prison.”

  • Do you want to choose the amount of time you spend working
  • Do you want a guarantee that income and cashflow will continue even if you’re not there? 
  • Do you want the reassurance that your employees are as commited to the success of your business as you are? That your employees are as capable of doing the job as you are?
  • Do you want ‘the right business model’ so you don’t end up in a self imposed prison?




Hi, my name is Kim Lambert, I’m the creator of Business2Live, the ‘right’ business model that helps you achieve all that, as well as:

  • Knowing exactly how to keep things on track, even as your business grows and evolves over time
  • Developing Action Plans that really work for you FAST!
  • Developing a deep understanding of exactly what is happening in your business, and why.
  • Understanding where your personal time is going, and how to change that to get the maximum benefit from everything that you do.

OK, I can understand you’re probably thinking, “This is just another business model.” And I can’t blame you if that’s what you think…

 …You’ve probably had countless Small Business consultants tell you how you should and shouldn’t be working, but who have never provided any ‘real’ or lasting improvements.

 There are reasons for that.

Firstly, most consultants are great at…well, they’re great at consulting. They don’t actually show you ‘how’, only ‘what’ needs to be done.

But the most revealing reason they don’t provide you with real or lasting improvements is because they are ‘small business’ consultants.

What do I mean by that?  –  Simply, they treat your business as a ‘small’ business! They only know how to keep you small.

 Your business supports you, your family, your employees and their families.

 I’m guessing your ‘small’ business is a BIG deal to you.

And that’s what makes all the difference in my program Business2Live, which is based on the operating procedures and principles that makes Big Business BIG!  

Most small businesses fold within the first five years, whereas, big business continues to grow and grow each year.

Do you want your business to grow bigger and stronger year by year?

I’m assuming that your answer is YES!  And because that is the answer that I get from a vast majority of business owners, Business to Live offers a number of Programs to enable you to achieve all of that, and more improving your Business and Lifestyle as a small (for now!) business owner.

These are summarised below.  Click on the links to see more about each Product – take the first step to change your business, and your life, NOW.

Products include, but are not limited to:

  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” Report
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” Book (available on kindle through at  XX)
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” e lesson series
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” full workbook system package
  • The “12 Steps to Business Sanity” Gold Members mentoring package
  • and more to come !

Not all Programs are available at all times – contact us to enquire further.